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Empowered women - a healthier society! 

We are an NGO focused on the integration, non-discrimination, and social cohesion of the receiving society and refugees and migrants.  

We believe that integration allows for the economic, social, legal, and political participation in society. Employment is crucial for the successful integration of migrants and refugees because it facilitates economic and social involvement. Moreover, the job provides self-esteem facilitates contact with members from outside the immediate community and can offer the opportunity to learn and/or practice Dutch.

The refugees and other newcomers who are working are economically independent; adjust more easily to life in exile than those who are unemployed or dependent on benefits for long periods.

​We are helping newcomers achieve a positive change in their everyday life by delivering training on sewing skills and creating a sustainable, socially responsible business that can educate, train, employ, and assist in the employment of refugee women; providing consultations on social integration matters; creating a safe environment for practicing the Dutch language under the suppression of the native speaker. 

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